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Chris Coons for U.S. Senate

A "Smart" Website

With the redesign of Senator Chris Coons' online hub, we set out to innovate the way a traditional action-oriented website looks and operates. Not all of the re-invention is immediately apparent - a lot is happening behind-the-scenes - but what we created in this extremely successful collaboration with the campaign, we hope, will set standards for the future.

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What the heck are "cascading cookies"?

A website, especially one asking you to "take action", is much more effective when what you're being asked to do is actually relevant to you. If you've already signed up for an email list, you shouldn't necessarily see that form again. If you don't live in Delaware, you shouldn't necessarily be asked if you want to volunteer there.

With Chris Coons' website, we invented something we call "cascading cookies". The website detects first if you're in Delaware or not in Delaware and feeds you messages accordingly. After you've signed up for the email list, a new call to action is displayed, after that task is completed yet another is displayed. The site "cascades" down the series of actions and, no matter what page you visit in the future, remembers what you've done previously (using cookies).

With the number of visits a website can get over the course of a campaign, this method can have a significant impact on conversion rates: increasing donations, volunteer sign ups and overall engagement. Every campaign website in the future should be a "smart" website.

Every page a landing page

With the ubiquity of ads and social media posts, it's not unusual for most visitors to enter your website on some other page than a home page. As a result, it's important that every page be welcoming, be setup to maximize the value of its content and quickly engage a potential action-taker. On Chris Coons' site, we minimized the prominence of the traditional navigation menu, and positioned content and action opportunities to be the first thing the visitor sees.